147. Dimmit, Castro County

More greetings from the WPA! What can I say about Dimmit that hasn’t already been said? Alright, I have no earthly idea because I’d never heard anything about it. But I do know this much…

…a trail used to go through it. So I’ll be honest: I don’t have a lot to say about Dimmit. It’s here. I’m here. I don’t know if it didn’t make as much of an impression because it’s not particularly memorable or because they’re beginning to blend together in my head. Doesn’t matter. As I said, I’m here and it’s here. So let’s get to the job.

Look what’s behind me! Quanah is on the job! Another multi based on the plaque text. So I made my appropriate substitutions and drove to the final location. I’m still not going to lie to you: I don’t remember the final of this one. But I guess that’s not really important, either. The important thing is that it was done, signed, and returned. I keep telling myself that I need to start taking notes in each town while I’m doing the thing so this doesn’t happen. Of course, I’m lazy and I don’t end up doing it. I’m sure there is a myriad of thoughts and impressions that get lost in the ether because I don’t, but all that is ultimately secondary to the greater goal. The cache is the goal and the goal has been acquired. I filled up the tank and got back on the road for the long, hot, dusty trip out to…

2 thoughts on “147. Dimmit, Castro County

  1. Well, I was hoping you would find “You’re Not Going To Believe This”. It has several favorite points and is pretty interesting.


    1. I passed it on the way out of town. Imagine a movie scene where someone drives by you and all you can see is their head slowly turning, eyebrows lifted, focused on you? I was that slowly driving guy. That said, I had no idea I’d be guided by Quanah this trip…


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