394. Benton, Saline County (AR20)

I’m a little bit amazed that I even made it here! Who has an exit off of a 65 MPH highway that drops down to 15 MPH? Without serious forewarning? I almost flew off of that curve! That was crazy! Seriously! At least I got to look at another clock tower. And you know what that clock tower did? Scared the absolute crap out of me, that’s what! I believe this is the first active clock tower I’ve seen because it went off at 5 AM. I literally jumped when that first bell struck because this was the last thing I was expecting. That said, the really crazy thing was at the war memorial…

Quoting Charge of the Light Brigade? Really? I know it’s all about duty and all, but knowing about Balaklava and Sevastopol, especially how the entire Light Brigade incident ended up coming to pass, I can’t take anything having to do with Tennyson’s poem seriously. Which is a shame, because I quite like Tennyson. He’s one of my favorite poets. That said, as much as I like the poem, the entire back story is literally office politics with a body count. But I could babble about that for a while. I had more important things to do at the moment such as find a cache. I noticed there was one four blocks away with over 100 favorite points. Alright, I think we found our target…

Alright, while I have been known to rant a bit about the perils of gnomish hegemony, I’m suitably impressed. This thing has a drawer with 9V batteries in it and connection points. Connect the batteries and it lights up lights on the side where the holes are. Connect up the correct light series and you get the combination to the lock containing the cache. Of course, you might be geocaching with a little one. In that case, there’s a door at the foot of the tree with another cache for the smaller cachers. There’s a reason this cache has so many favorites. And it earned one of my stingily hoarded ones, too. And with that, my work here was done. I took to the highway again (the other exit out of town was more reasonable) and prepared to meet the sun in…

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