435. Perry, Noble County (OK29)

A stately, classical courthouse. It has a gravitas that would be difficult to match in most places. So the real question is... ...what the heck is this thing doing here? It's obviously a monument to pioneers and sooners. On a certain level, that's interesting. On another level it kinda sucks. Sooners are called that because … Continue reading 435. Perry, Noble County (OK29)

432. Kingfisher, Kingfisher County (OK26)

I'm starting to find myself getting a little annoyed with these 60's/70's courthouses. For me, they feel...lesser, like they're lower down on the proverbial totem pole than others. They barely feel like they have a history or a pedigree. I know that's judgmental of me, but it's hard for me to take a courthouse as … Continue reading 432. Kingfisher, Kingfisher County (OK26)