183. Pittsburg, Camp County

Better.  Much better...  Man!  That's a huge memorial for such a small town!  Seriously.  Sure, Sulphur Springs had their entire square, but this may be the biggest memorial to courthouse size I've seen thus far.  Well, maybe.  Having a jet on your courthouse grounds definitely put you in the running for that honor, but that's … Continue reading 183. Pittsburg, Camp County

180. Mount Vernon, Franklin County

Another quite respectably lovely courthouse in the center of a small town.  Nothing particularly of note here.  Or maybe the day was starting to get a little late and it was all blending in together.  I tend to lean for the latter explanation because I somehow forgot to photograph the cache location!  Sitting just off … Continue reading 180. Mount Vernon, Franklin County

179. Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County

It's almost like I've seen a courthouse like this one before...  I certainly didn't expect the stage to be there on the courthouse square, but I will admit that their monument collection is quite robust.  I also have to say their muggle quotient was quite high, especially from older couples admiring all the monuments.  That … Continue reading 179. Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County