595. Liberty, Clay County (MO005)

Lovely courthouse, don’t you agree?  They call it an administration building, but in this case it’s all the same to me, especially when the administration building has “court house” carved on it.  This was another one of those confusing courthouses.  I couldn’t figure out where the front was because the flagpole, instead of being out … Continue reading 595. Liberty, Clay County (MO005)

594. Kansas City/Independence, Jackson County (MO004)

Congratulations, welcome to the first county I’ve visited outside of Arkansas that has two county seats!  Usually when a county has two seats, it’s either because it’s big and there’s a desire for citizen access to be close by everyone or there’s a geographical impediment that makes travel difficult.  In this case, however, it’s neither.  … Continue reading 594. Kansas City/Independence, Jackson County (MO004)