633. Harrisburg, Poinsett County (AR52)

This courthouse I like.  It reminds me of Georgetown with the dome and all.  It also offers a useful instructional opportunity for the Future Arborists of America.  Notice how the front is partially obstructed by trees?  Not bad, but not great.  On the other hand… …the back is unencumbered by them.  See how gorgeous it … Continue reading 633. Harrisburg, Poinsett County (AR52)

630. Searcy, White County (AR49)

Get a load of that gorgeous old lady!  There’s something quite stunning about her in the pre-morning light.  OK, maybe that’s not actually “pre-morning” light.  One interesting thing from a lighting perspective is how the ground illumination seems so much whiter than the tower illumination, which is yellowish.  I don’t know if that’s an accidental … Continue reading 630. Searcy, White County (AR49)

629. Conway, Faulkner County (AR48)

I’m about 85% sure (within two standard deviations) that this is the front of the courthouse.  It has an annex sticking off to the side that’s weirdly positioned, but having monuments out front allays some of my uncertainty on that front.  Questions aside, it’s an attractive building and I don’t dislike it, though I admit … Continue reading 629. Conway, Faulkner County (AR48)

628. Morrilton, Conway County (AR47)

That is quite an imposing structure.  It also worked out nicely: lots of ambient light for photography, monuments on the grounds.  Overall a good experience.  Quick, too.  The cache was a little magnetic doodad attached to an AC condenser at a convenience store.  It was a total park and grab, but it’s also a popular … Continue reading 628. Morrilton, Conway County (AR47)