425. Stuttgart/DeWitt, Arkansas County (AR30)

Even though Stuttgart doesn't have the main courthouse, it has a pretty decent mini-courthouse. It's signed as the District Court for the county, but it's basically the same thing. The main courthouse in DeWitt, however, was quite a bit more substantial and absolutely lovely, but I was worn out. I'd been on a hard burn … Continue reading 425. Stuttgart/DeWitt, Arkansas County (AR30)

417. Evansville, Vanderburgh County (IN02)

First of all, it doesn't look like the county administration runs out of a courthouse. It looks like the government here is run out of a series of disconnected offices, which is alright from a purely functional perspective. Hadn't run into that since back in New Mexico. The Civic Center here seems the right place … Continue reading 417. Evansville, Vanderburgh County (IN02)