719. Abilene, Dickinson County (KS097)

Finally! The other Abilene! Somehow, I never expected to make it here. That said, though, I felt disappointed with the courthouse. With its long history of cattle and rail, I expected that Abilene would have built a more impressive structure to demonstrate its dominance in the region. I know the original courthouse was two stories … Continue reading 719. Abilene, Dickinson County (KS097)

718. Manhattan, Riley County (KS096)

Start spreading the news!  Oh, wait…  Not that Manhattan.  The other Manhattan!  At least the one in Kansas as opposed to the other, less important ones.  I liked the courthouse.  Any of you who have followed me for a while probably predicted that the slightly rough look appeals to me for reasons I can’t entirely … Continue reading 718. Manhattan, Riley County (KS096)

717. Junction City, Geary County (KS095)

What a gorgeous creature we’ve got here. A little rough, but nothing a little tender loving care wouldn’t help. As you can see from the fences, they’re already starting the process, so that’s all that really matters. I’m definitely getting more of a Missouri vibe from this, but I also realize that the interplay of … Continue reading 717. Junction City, Geary County (KS095)