670. Greenfield, Dade County (MO017)

This wasn’t a terrible courthouse, but the only thing especially to its credit was that it was easy to find the front, the only face that has a light in the door.  That was nice.  Other than that, everything about getting has been a pain in the proverbial tuches.  Zigzagging routes and crappy country roads…  … Continue reading 670. Greenfield, Dade County (MO017)

669. Lamar, Barton County (MO016)

The courthouse is nice and all, but it seems lesser in comparison to some of the glorious courthouses I’ve gotten out of Missouri previously.  That and the Christmas lighting.  However, having been bludgeoned over the head by Bentonville, these lights can hardly be considered damning.  Had the courthouse a tower or dome on top, I … Continue reading 669. Lamar, Barton County (MO016)

667. Fort Scott, Bourbon County (KS084)

Excellent!  This is a gorgeous courthouse!  Oh, and may I give extra kudos to the pro-Union statuary.  I know I don’t talk about it anywhere near as much as I used to but seeing Confederate crap all over the place gets really tiresome.  I know, I know…  Heritage something something, but it is my heritage … Continue reading 667. Fort Scott, Bourbon County (KS084)

663. Independence, Montgomery County (KS080)

Once again, I was quite satisfied with the courthouse.  I hoped this trajectory would continue as the day progressed.  It reminded me a little of Pawhuska back in Oklahoma for some reason, which is surprising considering how dissimilar the two are, but really shouldn’t have been surprising considering how close it is to here I … Continue reading 663. Independence, Montgomery County (KS080)

661. Columbus, Cherokee County (KS078)

Another lovely courthouse.  I really liked the art deco thing going on and the mini clock tower where they preserved the original machinery.  I always like seeing those because they remind me of my grandfather, a longtime postal worker and amateur clockmaker.  I know he would have liked this. That also said, I know there’s something I’ve … Continue reading 661. Columbus, Cherokee County (KS078)