328. Monticello, Drew County (AR11)

Now that's a courthouse. Especially after the last one. Admittedly, its provenance is a little late considering it was built in 1952, but that Greek (possibly Palladian) style, well, never really goes out of style, does it? I certainly don't think so. I immediately noticed all the sesquicentennial plaques donated by the Daughters of the … Continue reading 328. Monticello, Drew County (AR11)

327. Arkansas City, Desha County (AR10)

Tom Sawyer, you'd have some work to do here! So, I'm having a weird conflict about this courthouse. It is bright and stunning in white, definitely the central building of the county, no doubt. However, this prominence is in comparison to the other structures of the county. While in certain ways it reminds me of … Continue reading 327. Arkansas City, Desha County (AR10)

326. Greenville, Washington County (MS03)

I seem to be spending a lot of time in Mississippi for a state I'm pretty ambivalent about. That being said, I like this courthouse. I'm not remembering seeing anything quite like it, especially here. Natchez and Vicksburg were more plantation like, but this one seems more solid and less showy. Of course, that might … Continue reading 326. Greenville, Washington County (MS03)