339. Truth Or Consequences, Sierra County (NM23)

It's a bold choice for a town to name itself after a game show, no matter how famous and long running. Hot Springs, its former name, is far more descriptive considering the number of hot springs in the area. The idea of visiting one of the spas in the area is somewhat intriguing, but that's … Continue reading 339. Truth Or Consequences, Sierra County (NM23)

337. Carrizozo, Lincoln County (NM21)

Well, it's not the most attractive courthouse I've ever seen. It's not terrible and I've certainly seen worse. It's a small town so I can't exactly expect that it's going to have some stunning architectural marvel. Not every courthouse can be Roswell. The cache, on the other hand, was slightly more interesting. I was a … Continue reading 337. Carrizozo, Lincoln County (NM21)

336. Alamogordo, Otero County (NM20)

This is a perfectly nice courthouse and all that good stuff, but it's also emblematic of an issue that I'm starting to run into that will not concern anyone who isn't interested in courthouses. In Texas, the county courthouse is both the center of law and jurisprudence and the center of administration. Lately, I've been … Continue reading 336. Alamogordo, Otero County (NM20)