695. Elk Point, Union County (SD01)

Oh, South Dakota!A happy voice welcomed me to the state! If only a similar courthouse had greeted me! Well, it was the 1970s. Specifically, 1978, as my extensive research would reveal (it was not extensive). There was a stone out front from an older 1898 courthouse, but otherwise, this courthouse was “meh” with a capital … Continue reading 695. Elk Point, Union County (SD01)

693. Dakota City, Dakota County (NE14)

This one was a little different from the examples I’d been seeing on this trip: low and long instead of tall with a smaller footprint.  Were the builders trying to emulate stucco?  Not a clue, but certainly unexpected this far north.  That wasn’t the strangest thing, though.  The strangest thing was the flagpole, which looked … Continue reading 693. Dakota City, Dakota County (NE14)

689. Omaha, Douglas County (NE13)

Omaha is the birthplace of a surprising number of notable folks, among them those I adore (Elliott Smith, Gabrielle Union, Paul Williams), those to whom I’m indifferent (Gerald Ford, Warren Buffett, Fred Astaire), and those who occupy space somewhere in between (Malcolm X, Swoozie Kurtz, Connor Oberst, Marlon Brando).  It is also the home of … Continue reading 689. Omaha, Douglas County (NE13)