748. Oregon City, Clackamas County (OR03)

The courthouse is not bad, an old remnant of the small town that the new hipster giant, Portland, has surrounded.  It was neither especially laudable nor detestable.  That’s enough, especially out here.  Normally, I care a bit more about the courthouse, but the cache was far more important in this case.  As mentioned, anyone who … Continue reading 748. Oregon City, Clackamas County (OR03)

747. Portland, Multnomah County (OR02)

The courthouse is a relatively non-impressive skyscraper-type thing. That is to be expected. Cities of size and import have so much going on both legally and administratively that something more classic and romantic (from a courthouse perspective) isn’t really to be expected. And yet, we have seen examples that put the lie to that thinking. … Continue reading 747. Portland, Multnomah County (OR02)

746. Vancouver, Clark County (WA18)

This is a little different, but nice, no?  Art Deco but shaped in (faux) clay?  I’m not a fan of courthouses looking like office buildings, but this makes for quite a look. Everyone keeps mentioning Lewis and Clark around here!  I didn’t even know Shari Lewis and Dick Clark ever worked together!   When I originally conceived this … Continue reading 746. Vancouver, Clark County (WA18)

745. St. Helens, Columbia County (OR01)

Oh, Oregon! It was easy to see the courthouse on the way into town. It’s really hard to miss with that tower. It has an extension built onto it that’s not especially photo-worthy. It doesn’t even attempt to blend in or conform to the original aesthetic in any way, shape, or form. This, therefore, will … Continue reading 745. St. Helens, Columbia County (OR01)

744. Kelso, Cowlitz County (WA17)

Good show! Another respectably hefty small-town courthouse. It feels like it occupies an odd niche because it reminds me of so many other places, but it’s not exactly a cookie-cutter “Sears” courthouse. I guess nice courthouses are all the same and crappy ones are crappy in their own way (if you don’t mind me butchering … Continue reading 744. Kelso, Cowlitz County (WA17)

742. South Bend, Pacific County (WA15)

I would never be considered an authoritarian, but I love it when a courthouse sits in dominance over the town, radiating its authority. I have no doubt that photographers better than I could somehow express that on film. When I drove into town, this gorgeous, whitewashed beast awaited me. As in Montesano, I wish I … Continue reading 742. South Bend, Pacific County (WA15)