623. Sedan, Chautauqua County (KS076)

Well, while the material theme continues, the architectural theme seems to have switched up a bit.  Something Palladian looking (maybe) in stone and brick?  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Especially for a smaller town like this.  Yes, I know I’ve mentioned on a few occasions and even recently that sometimes the most interesting courthouses … Continue reading 623. Sedan, Chautauqua County (KS076)

621. Eureka, Greenwood County (KS074)

Well, it was the 70’s.  Or maybe it was the 60’s.  I’m not entirely sure, but whenever it was, it wasn’t great.  That’s not to say that the entire aesthetic doesn’t work, because it does.  It’s not a bad looking courthouse.  It’s just that the architectural style of it is basically proto-office building.  One day … Continue reading 621. Eureka, Greenwood County (KS074)

620. Yates Center, Woodson County (KS073)

Another nice red brick courthouse with square tower, completely unlike back in Burlington, but quite reminiscent of Garnett.  It was quiet and just starting to warm up so I ditched my sweater before walking around.  The war memorial was similar to Coffey County, but smaller.  Other than that, the similarities ended.  Unfortunately, there was little … Continue reading 620. Yates Center, Woodson County (KS073)

619. Burlington, Coffey County (KS072)

Meh.  Decidedly meh.  I mean, it was the 60’s so what can you expect?  It’s not terrible, I guess.  Credit where credit is due, the little sculpture frieze of blindfolded Justice is actually kind of interesting.  That said, I’m not especially impressed.  Then again, I am coming to the end of this trip, and perhaps … Continue reading 619. Burlington, Coffey County (KS072)

618. Garnett, Anderson County (KS071)

I am very, very seriously contemplating starting a new feature called Dear Future Arborists.  How many courthouses have I come across that are beautiful, but cannot be photographed?  This courthouse is lovely in red brick and white hewn detail, but it’s hard for you to see that because of all the big green leafy trees on … Continue reading 618. Garnett, Anderson County (KS071)

617. Iola, Allen County (KS070)

The courthouse here was built in 1959.  It’s not great, but it’s not terrible either, definitely something somewhere in the middle of “don’t love it” and “don’t hate it.”  That being said, the interesting feature here on the grounds is the clock from the original 1909 courthouse, salvaged when the old courthouse was demolished.  I … Continue reading 617. Iola, Allen County (KS070)