362. Cimarron, Greer County (KS003)

Wasn't I just in Greer County? Again, another handsome courthouse. Classically elegant, if I do say so myself. But again, much like Dodge City, I expected something else. This is The West! There are literally western movies about this town! So, remember the Santa Fe Geotour? The one back in New Mexico? Guess what? It … Continue reading 362. Cimarron, Greer County (KS003)

361. Dodge City, Ford County (KS002)

I like the classical feel of this courthouse quite a bit. Yet, this being Dodge City, archetype of "The West," I expected something different. Not more, just different. Something Edwardian or Victorian or Renaissance Revival-y or something. I don't know. That said, you know what was really weird about this courthouse? This seems most like … Continue reading 361. Dodge City, Ford County (KS002)

358. Woodward, Woodward County (OK08)

Look at you, you gorgeous creature! Clean lines, a nice amount of ornamentation without being incredibly busy. Very chic. You're not the kind of old school courthouse I usually prefer, but I'm more than satisfied with her. It being Friday, I was able to slip inside and avail myself of the facilities. Unfortunately, I messed … Continue reading 358. Woodward, Woodward County (OK08)

354. Mangum, Greer County (OK04)

Everybody seems to be interested in old Greer County, the greater county that included present day Greer, Beckham, and Harmon counties, because I see lots of things referencing it. That said... ...I like the sentiment of this being built by the Civil Works Administration for the relief of "suffering humanity." I have trouble seeing something … Continue reading 354. Mangum, Greer County (OK04)

353. Hollis, Harmon County (OK03)

A lot like the ones in the Panhandle, no? No doubt, considering I'm pretty much equidistant from Wellington, Childress, and Quanah (which isn't actually the Panhandle, but oh well). Just another of those small town courthouses, surrounded by homes and churches. There's a school a couple of blocks away, or possibly some kind of "city" … Continue reading 353. Hollis, Harmon County (OK03)