479. Wilburton, Latimer County (OK73)

Welcome to the frontier, folks!  At least that’s what this feels like here.  Of course, this actually was the frontier until the early 20th century (remember, Oklahoma didn’t become a state until 1907 [it’s crazy to think that when my grandfather was born, Oklahoma was not a state]).  Of course this was made by the WPA, … Continue reading 479. Wilburton, Latimer County (OK73)

476. Atoka, Atoka County (OK70)

This courthouse was a little more interesting than Coalgate was. Not necessarily better, mind you, but definitely more interesting. It's still got that arched 70's thing, but the multilevel thing out front definitely marks it as different. The fact that there's a cache onsite made things that much easier. Well, it was supposed to, anyway. … Continue reading 476. Atoka, Atoka County (OK70)

473. Tishomingo, Johnston County (OK67)

Well...it's a courthouse. It almost looks like a prefab building with some bricks thrown up around it. Less like a courthouse and more like a church extension. It's even sadder because it sits in the shadow of... ...the former courthouse. Of course, its service as the Johnston County Courthouse is neither this building's current purpose … Continue reading 473. Tishomingo, Johnston County (OK67)