701. Pender, Thurston County (NE18)

Well, it’s a courthouse.  An effort was made.  I think someone wanted something nicer, but since it's a poor county, they couldn’t afford the clock tower, scrollwork, or detailing.  Something on the grounds did catch my eye: a time capsule with no date on it.  Since it's a time capsule, it’s going to be exhumed … Continue reading 701. Pender, Thurston County (NE18)

699. Ponca, Dixon County (NE16)

Well, what can I really say about it?  It’s an unimpressive courthouse for a small county.  It’s nothing special, but it’s not cringeworthy, either.  Considering it’s in a town of about nine hundred within a county of six thousand, they’re doing their best.  It meets their needs, so I guess that’s good enough.  The cache … Continue reading 699. Ponca, Dixon County (NE16)

697. Yankton, Yankton County (SD03)

Well, well, well…  They have a government center here instead of a courthouse.  Why, you might ask?  Because they tore down the old courthouse!  They left the original flagpole and the front steps with columns.  Apparently, they tore it down for architectural reasons.  On a certain level, I understand that.  The needs of the present … Continue reading 697. Yankton, Yankton County (SD03)

695. Elk Point, Union County (SD01)

Oh, South Dakota!A happy voice welcomed me to the state! If only a similar courthouse had greeted me! Well, it was the 1970s. Specifically, 1978, as my extensive research would reveal (it was not extensive). There was a stone out front from an older 1898 courthouse, but otherwise, this courthouse was “meh” with a capital … Continue reading 695. Elk Point, Union County (SD01)

693. Dakota City, Dakota County (NE14)

This one was a little different from the examples I’d been seeing on this trip: low and long instead of tall with a smaller footprint.  Were the builders trying to emulate stucco?  Not a clue, but certainly unexpected this far north.  That wasn’t the strangest thing, though.  The strangest thing was the flagpole, which looked … Continue reading 693. Dakota City, Dakota County (NE14)