710. Pawnee City, Pawnee County (NE27)

Another lovely courthouse in another lovely Nebraska County.  Pawnee is pretty small, so it’s a reasonable enough representation of the county’s place of power.  Sidenote: I don’t remember seeing mythological details in the carvings and scroll work of other courthouses before.  That’s something different, so I’ll take it.  I didn’t want to spend too much … Continue reading 710. Pawnee City, Pawnee County (NE27)

707. Lincoln, Lancaster County (NE24)

Good job, 1967. I know this was primarily meant to be utilitarian, so many design flourishes were left out, but it’s still not bad as courthouses go. Both wings, built in 1997, emulate the style well enough that the exterior weathering of the stone is the only immediate indication that they were constructed at different … Continue reading 707. Lincoln, Lancaster County (NE24)

706. Wahoo, Saunders County (NE23)

That is not a cookie-cutter courthouse.  In fact, that is quite a thing.  Call me suitably impressed.  Part of me wonders if Wahoo was another one of those towns that could have been a regional mecca and perhaps didn’t quite make it.  However, the more interesting thing is that Wahoo didn’t have a war memorial … … … Continue reading 706. Wahoo, Saunders County (NE23)

705. Fremont, Dodge County (NE22)

Yes, a stately courthouse that is now beginning to look somewhat cookie-cutter to me.  If I went back through the archives, I'm sure I could find five or ten similar examples.  Perhaps I was wrong in the past, and this is the Sears courthouse equivalent? Or at least an equivalent? Sears usually had many models.  This would … Continue reading 705. Fremont, Dodge County (NE22)

703. Tekamah, Burt County (NE20)

This was a very respectable courthouse!  I expected something smaller or less grandiose, probably because I knew little about the town except that it was small.  You would think I had seen enough towns and courthouses to know that population does not correlate to courthouse size, but sometimes I’m a victim of outmoded thinking.  There's … Continue reading 703. Tekamah, Burt County (NE20)