373. Tribune, Greely County (KS012)

Oh, Mother of Crap, what is that...thing? I'm not going to go so far as to call it a crime against architecture and an affront to courthouses everywhere, but I will most certainly think it. It just makes me...sad. And they built this to replace... ...this lovely creature? I'm sure there were issues of modernization … Continue reading 373. Tribune, Greely County (KS012)

372. Sharon Springs, Wallace County (KS011)

I'm a little amazed that I could even dictate notes with all the wind blowing everywhere! I mean serious, midwestern hardcore gusting! At one point, the wind blew my car door shut on my leg, leaving me limping around while I did my thing. Some of my dictated notes don't even make sense because of … Continue reading 372. Sharon Springs, Wallace County (KS011)