658. Pineville, McDonald County (MO012)

This is not how I wanted to start the morning off.  This courthouse is a courthouse, I guess…  Nothing particularly special about it, though.  I can only assume that it was the 70’s or some kind of crap like that.  I have nothing more to say about that. On the other hand, the historic courthouse right down … Continue reading 658. Pineville, McDonald County (MO012)

657. Bentonville, Benton County (AR75)

If I had any hopes of getting away from Christmas, this was not the place to do it.  I turned around to look at the county square.  They were not trying to merely celebrate Christmas…   …they were trying to WIN Christmas.  For those of you who might not be aware, Bentonville is an exceptionally wealthy town.  … Continue reading 657. Bentonville, Benton County (AR75)

656. Berryville/Eureka Springs, Carroll County (AR74)

The courthouse in Berryville disappointed me.  To be terribly honest, I expected little less.  Dual seat counties had severely disappointed me thus far on this trip.  Eureka Springs, on the other hand, was less disappointing, but the town had a completely different issue: How did it become such a resort town?  And how did it … Continue reading 656. Berryville/Eureka Springs, Carroll County (AR74)

655. Harrison, Boone County (AR73)

Lovely courthouse.  It also has something I’ve only seen once before, specifically back in Denton.  There was an earthcache based around the courthouse and the various rock types of its monuments.  If I was not rushing, I might have done it, but it required examining six or seven locations around the grounds and that might … Continue reading 655. Harrison, Boone County (AR73)

654. Yellville, Marion County (AR72)

I was pretty conflicted about this courthouse facing.  It’s got the flag and the monuments and even a clock, all these things usually found out front, but it doesn’t feel like it should be the front.  On the other hand, the back looks much more interesting and it’s got the historical plaques that you usually … Continue reading 654. Yellville, Marion County (AR72)

652. Salem, Fulton County (AR70)

You thought I wasn’t happy with Ash Flats?  I had to drive around this thing two times to figure out where the front was!  There’s a flag that’s part of the war memorial, but not one dedicated to the courthouse itself.  None of the faces looks particularly majestic or entrance worthy.  This building does not … Continue reading 652. Salem, Fulton County (AR70)