774. Wenatchee, Chelan County (WA39)

Future Arborists of America, attend!  This is another textbook case of how not to plant trees in front of a courthouse, which is sad because the courthouse is actually fairly attractive. Even the extension on the side isn’t badly done.  All of that is negated, however.  You can’t even see the front!  What a shame. Seeing … Continue reading 774. Wenatchee, Chelan County (WA39)

773. Waterville, Douglas County (WA38)

The courthouse was nice, in red brick with an interesting octagonal tower. That's an odd little feature I'm not used to seeing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything like this before because, as I learned when I sat to write this, I have never before used the word “octagonal” here. Sure, this … Continue reading 773. Waterville, Douglas County (WA38)

772. Okanogan, Okanogan County (WA37)

Well played, Okanogan County!  The courthouse was really interesting in an almost European sort of way.  I really liked the clock tower there, a step above the square towers I had only relatively recently begun to register.  I could almost imagine something like this in a little town square in Italy or Germany or something.  … Continue reading 772. Okanogan, Okanogan County (WA37)