718. Manhattan, Riley County (KS096)

Start spreading the news!  Oh, wait…  Not that Manhattan.  The other Manhattan!  At least the one in Kansas as opposed to the other, less important ones.  I liked the courthouse.  Any of you who have followed me for a while probably predicted that the slightly rough look appeals to me for reasons I can’t entirely … Continue reading 718. Manhattan, Riley County (KS096)

717. Junction City, Geary County (KS095)

What a gorgeous creature we’ve got here. A little rough, but nothing a little tender loving care wouldn’t help. As you can see from the fences, they’re already starting the process, so that’s all that really matters. I’m definitely getting more of a Missouri vibe from this, but I also realize that the interplay of … Continue reading 717. Junction City, Geary County (KS095)

715. Concordia, Cloud County (KS093)

I wish I had an easy way to handle sound effects.  Only then could you truly experience my groans of distaste upon reaching here.  This courthouse is possibly the most unsatisfying a courthouse can be without provoking active disdain.  Soon enough, my almost-active disdain would metastasize into straight-out disapproval.  How are you going to have … Continue reading 715. Concordia, Cloud County (KS093)

714. Belleville, Republic County (KS092)

Good show, Republic County!  That’s a beautiful piece of art deco if ever I’ve seen one!  It immediately made me think of Iberia Parish.  I wondered if the architects were the same, though it’s more logical that they would have been local/regional in both cases (and they turned out to be).  May I also add … Continue reading 714. Belleville, Republic County (KS092)

713. Washington, Washington County (KS091)

Fun fact: there are thirty-one counties (or county equivalents) named Washington.  For me, this is number seven!  The courthouse is a little art deco, which I appreciate.  The fasces at the top are a nice little detail, but in our day and age, I think they are becoming a little problematic depending on your political … Continue reading 713. Washington, Washington County (KS091)