458. Tahlequah, Cherokee County (OK52)

Well... It's not bad, but it's not great, either. I wouldn't call it elegant, but it does have a certain earnestness to it. I'm wondering if this is late 50's/early 60's or late 60's/early 70's. Unfortunately, I can't really tell. As many courthouses as I've been to, I'm hardly an expert on architecture. Times like … Continue reading 458. Tahlequah, Cherokee County (OK52)

454. Pryor Creek, Mayes County (OK48)

This is an...interesting looking courthouse. It's definitely a more modern construction, but it's trying to emulate an older style. It looks a lot like a high school, but at the same time it doesn't? Apparently, there's been no history of courthouse disasters or anything, but this definitely isn't the first courthouse. I'm confused and don't … Continue reading 454. Pryor Creek, Mayes County (OK48)

452. Miami, Ottawa County (OK46)

Remember what I said back in Vinita about courthouses looking like schools? Well...yeah. If Vinita is the middle school, then this is the high school. Was this to become the new theme? Would the next county resemble a university? Doubtful. This was another small town that was not particularly special. I hate ever saying that. … Continue reading 452. Miami, Ottawa County (OK46)

450. Nowata, Nowata County (OK44)

Red brick! This is new and different! Yes, that's totally sarcasm! Brick and Oklahoma go together like rice and something that goes with rice. I had only recently learned of Oklahoma's long history, dare I say love affair, with brick manufacture, especially in this area. Therefore, everything around here is going to be brick and … Continue reading 450. Nowata, Nowata County (OK44)