580. Gretna, Jefferson Parish (LA59)

Ugh…  Gretna doesn’t seem to have a central courthouse.  The Parish Clerk and Parish President (yes, this parish has a President instead of a Police Jury [and, for those of you who didn’t know this, most parishes have Police Juries instead of judges or commissioners]) work out of this building, utterly uninspired, indistinguishable from any … Continue reading 580. Gretna, Jefferson Parish (LA59)

579. Hahnville, St. Charles Parish (LA58)

The courthouse reminded me quite a bit of Cameron County back in Texas.  White, relatively non-descript, possibly from the 80’s…  It’s a perfectly cromulent building for a perfectly cromulent town.  It’s not really impressive, but it does the job.  Well, at least I wasn’t impressed.  The cache was a large jar in a planter at … Continue reading 579. Hahnville, St. Charles Parish (LA58)

578. Edgard, Saint John the Baptist Parish (LA57)

As you can imagine, my separation of church and state hackles went through the roof the second I saw the statue carrying a cross out front.  Of course, since the place is named for a pretty well known biblical figure, what could I expect?  That said, I was also struck by the theological incongruity of … Continue reading 578. Edgard, Saint John the Baptist Parish (LA57)

575. Napoleonville, Assumption Parish (LA54)

I ended up spending a few minutes trying to decide if this was the courthouse or not, finding a memorial and signs about events from Napoleonic times along with the cornerstone dated 1896.  Eventually, I turned around and saw the big sign that read “Assumption Parish Courthouse” and that kind of sealed the deal in … Continue reading 575. Napoleonville, Assumption Parish (LA54)

572. Covington, St. Tammany Parish (LA51)

Welcome to the Parish of Tamanend!  They don’t have a “courthouse” here, they have a justice center.  I’m always a little questionable whether a justice center is the right place, but they have the county memorials out in the front courtyard, so I guess they have the best claim to it.  It’s quite modern so … Continue reading 572. Covington, St. Tammany Parish (LA51)

571. Franklinton, Washington Parish (LA50)

This looked to me like the 60’s personified.  And I guess it was a little bit forward thinking at the time because it was erected in 1960.  This is also my sixth Washington County (or county equivalent), so there’s that.  Not that important a thing, but do we not keep track of weird stats?  Strangely … Continue reading 571. Franklinton, Washington Parish (LA50)