“Swag” or “Schwag”?

How do you pronounce it?  Does it really matter?  Does it matter that one is an expired term to denote coolness while the other is used for crappy cannabis?  But even more importantly, what do you leave when you cache?


Me personally, I started making “uni-coins” for my daughters (fine, it’s really just a horse, but it’s what I could find), basically bulk charms hot glued into bottle caps from a homebrew shop.  Eventually, they decided they wanted their own so the older chose the daisy and the younger hummingbirds.  I have a batch with owls that I made for someone who changed their mind and went with bears instead.  More importantly, they’re easy and inexpensive.  Twenty dollars is enough caps and charms to make a gross or so.  What do you all do?  I’ve seen how some people make personal tags that look pretty cool.  I’ve been thinking about getting with a buddy and 3D printing some coins with my little sigil (pictured at the top of this site), but I’m thinking about about saving that for a handful of trackables instead.

So tell me about yours?  Do you buy them?  What do you have made?  Do you make them?  How do you do it?  Do you not even bother at all?  What?

One thought on ““Swag” or “Schwag”?

  1. I am impressed by others efforts at personal swag, but I have trouble enough managing to find the caches. I also don’t do travel bugs and the like so much, although I do have a bug on my vehicle, and one on my walking stick. I get panicky about dropping bugs off somewhere. Those are pretty excellent bottle tops you made there!


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