This Year Ends…

Soon this year will be over. As of this writing, I have been caching for 199 days and I’m am on day 197 of a streak. I have made 7 hides and found 593 caches, including 8 first to finds, 24 trackables, and 236 caches in 42 counties that are not my own, traveling over 4800 miles and losing a car in the process.

So I’ve been approached by Geocache Talk to appear on their program. Barring weirdness, it should be late February. I’m not going to lie: I never though this little site would lead to something like this, but different perspectives are always useful. Of course, you’ll hear more as we get closer, but it looms…

Ultimately it’s about the caches. I’ve seen so many clever things over the last six months. I’ve seen so many interesting places, too. I’ve lived in Austin most of my life and I’ve been places I didn’t even know were here. I’ve had wet shoes and hot days, scratches and cuts, minor agonies of defeat and joyous whoops of victory. I have climbed, walked, skulked, forded, and written all about it (well, some of it anyway). And there will be more. The old year passes. The new one beckons.

I hope you all have a good ending to your year. I hope you’re all toasting the good times with people you care about tonight. I hope your final caches of the year are as much fun as the first. I’ll try to do the same. Good luck and, as hoary as the joke is, I’ll write again next year!

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