77. Edna, Jackson County

This courthouse looks like a high school. Seriously. I can imagine a Dazed And Confused style romp taking place here in the early Eighties with everybody out on the lawn, evacuating the building after the last bell to the dulcet tones of Mr. Alice Cooper. One photographer even wrote of it “This modern building was built to replace the [previous] courthouse and has all the charm of an abandoned nursing home. An abundance of flowering trees and bushes have been planted around this courthouse, possibly in an attempt to hide it from public view.” Harsh, but I see where they’re coming from.

I found a different kind of pink granite marker here. I don’t remember seeing one of these thus far. The first, but (between you and me) it won’t be the last. But at least it was interesting. A different kind of memorial out of the Thirties, as it were.

The cache was simple enough, an empty little flashlight in a pole on a cord. Simple and to the point. A little disappointing considering what I had to go through to get here (there were a lot of roads closed off on the way into town so I had some serious detours to get here). But at least I could do the duty of refreshing a log for the next person who comes along. A happy duty, making it easier for the next person through. Especially since this cache represents the thirty percent mark. But this was enough of Edna for me. Places to go, things to do. So I got back in the car, filled up, and headed out, bound for…

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