84. Hempstead, Waller County

So one thing I’m starting to come away from on this trip is that, though every courthouse seems pretty much the same (as I’ve mentioned before, they’re starting to blend together for me), every one is different in its own way. So here we have another one that looks like the WPA was involved with it, but that bell tower sets it apart from others. I took a walk around and then got a slightly closer look…

Interesting mechanics there. I’m sure there are clock aficionados who would love to get a closer look at this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen interior mechanics of such a clock myself. My grandfather repaired clocks as a hobby. I bet he would have liked to get a good look at this.

The closest cache was at a meat market across the street, but a nearby virtual caught my attention. Welcome to the Lions of Hempstead. They guard the parking lot of a bank. The cache owner wanted a photo of the finder “taming” the lions. Now, technically, this is no longer allowed. You’re not supposed to make someone take a photo of themselves, probably (and reasonably) for privacy reasons. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I don’t really have photos of myself on the site more than just my hand on a few occasions. Jump in the wayback machine and you’ll see one photo of my daughters I somewhat regret because their privacy is theirs to have and not mine to bandy about. That said, I still wanted to tame these big cats. So I used my powers of magical control and voila!

I bent them to my will! They’ve been Bobmatized! I don’t usually carry glue or tape with me so getting them the stick was difficult. But, as fate would have it, I had something perfectly suited to the task. Toothpaste! When it starts to dry, it’s adhesive and it’s easy to clean up when you’re done. So I did some sticking and, when it was all over, I cleaned it all up. I undid my hypnosis and got back to rolling again. Up the road I went and soon I made it to…

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