86. Madisonville, Madison County

I honestly didn’t expect for skateboarding to be that big of a deal out here of all places. But I guess small town America is the same no matter where you go. The simple fact that I can sometimes forget the very towns I’ve documented backs that up sort of. Each one is the same in its own individual way. And Madisonville seems to be no exception.

Apparently there’s a mushroom festival here. That’s interesting enough, I guess. The jokes, of course, follow, but I’ll leave them to the reader’s imagination. At the same time, it’s still old school.

I must admit that I all these years living in Texas I had no idea that there was a set of rules for wearing cowboy boots. Of course, I’ve never owned any cattle and I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of cowboy boots since I was five (and a minor sad story it is about their subsequent loss). While I have occasionally thought about buying a pair of spurs, that usually shows up in bizarre dreams like the time I rode the Orient Express across the plains of Numenor, or when I was sitting on the Empire State bathing in queso while birds screamed my name, or that time I was driving through the nuclear ruins of Austin while The Penguin, The Joker, and Plucky Duck flew off after a jailbreak. Suffice it to say that my dreams are odd when I remember them.

Someone was kind enough to place a virtual cache on the grounds of the courthouse. It took me a minute to get to it though. I walked around photographing, passing by the seemingly ubiquitous Confederate memorial. I kept walking on until I remembered that there was a virtual here. Somehow I just knew where it was going to be. And it was! The memorial was devoted to a Confederate camp that used to be in the area. Part of me wants to show a photo of the monument, but it would give away the cache-words. As you can imagine, however, I was pretty “Confederate-d” out at this point. Tired and disgusted, I got back in the car, this penultimate cache claimed. I got back to driving and, after a little while, I arrived at the final destination of my day…

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