128. Perryton, Ochiltree County

If I had to pick two words to describe my trip to the Panhandle, they would be “standing” and “water”. It would not stop raining on and off. In small spurts, it was annoying, but over and over was more than enough to leave pools everywhere. And, of course, that means it was muggy as all get out. More of a light pea soup than a wall of moisture, but enough to make me sweat for even the simplest cache.

This is not the first time that a Chamber of Commerce has decided to place a cache to get some attention or draw passersby. This was no different. But that’s alright. A cache is a cache is a cache. A nice little box under one of the windows in a mini-garden of sorts. Done and done. I drove through some mud (because of course there was mud), splashing it all about as I got out of the parking lot and got back on down the road to…

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