137. Panhandle, Carson County

So, do you think this one was built by the WPA? I’m leaning towards “Yes”, but your opinion may (very likely not) vary. Panhandle is as descriptive a name for this town as any other. As I think about it, however, I realize that it only had so much of a chance to make something of itself. I would always be eclipsed by proximity to its larger neighbor.

The good news was that it was starting to get a little drier so standing water was less of a thing than it was this morning. The bad news was that it was getting late. Soon enough the sun would start going down and that would be the end of my day. So much to do and so little time it seems…

HHHHEEEEEYYYYY!!! My homeboy provides! Across from one of his arrows (and what I believe was a county correctional facility) was a cache, a tiny camoed vial hidden in a wooden post. With proper application of tweezers, the log was signed and I was on my way, inexorably drawing closer to my date with that aforementioned larger neighbor…

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