139. Vega, Oldham County

As you can see, the end of the driving day was officially reached. The rain, the clouds, the setting sun, tired limbs, flagging will had all united to claim their toll. But fortune and luck had final cards to play. I pulled into town, got off the highway a few blocks, and then stopped and parked to figure out where my motel was located. As fate would have it, I stopped and parked at the courthouse. I double checked my location on the map a couple of times because it seemed incredibly unlikely that I would just end up here and yet I did. Dark as it was, I took photos in the hope that maybe they might be light enough to use. Again, kudos to phone camera technology for they job they did. There was just enough light to get something that would work, meaning that I would save some time in the morning since I wouldn’t have to be here at sunrise. Except I guess I would have to be somewhere around here early to get a cache, wouldn’t I?

And then I turned around! Quanah would never steer me wrong! And he didn’t. His arrow stuck in the ground behind…

…this. It used to be a gas station but now it’s a museum. Built in the 1920s, it once ran a bustling gas business along legendary Route 66. With the construction of Interstate Highway 40 in the 1970s, traffic would bypass the town and the station went out of business. In the early 2000s, residents banded together to restore the building and here it stands, waiting for visitors to reflect on its and the town’s history (at least during museum hours, that is). More importantly (for my purposes), someone was kind enough to leave a cache in one of the oil pumps. That was easy enough to grab, sign, and replace, especially with nobody there to see. I checked into my motel and slept. Seventeen counties in one day? I’ll take it. And the next morning, as I have done many times in the service of this project, I rose early from slumber and set off before the sunrise. When my drive was completed, I watched the light grow brighter in…

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