149. Muleshoe, Bailey County

This courthouse is on the border, too…  The border between judicial seat and high school, that is.  It barely leans back toward judicial, but only by a hair, I think.  I didn’t know this before, but Muleshoe is the birthplace of actor Lee Horsley, known for The Sword and the Sorcerer (would you believe they made a sequel to this?) and bit parts in a couple of recent Tarantino films, but best known as TV’s Matt Houston!  I used to watch this show but it was no Voyagers! or Tales of the Gold Monkey.  Mostly useless information, but hey!  What’s the point of having Wikipedia if you’re not going to use it to go down the rabbit hole of obscure 80’s TV?  But what really makes this county is the cache location.

Of course there’s a cache here!  You can’t have a mule here and there not be a cache…  If you go back behind this mule to the appropriate location, you’ll find a magnetic key box that has a log in it.  I know you will because I did.  Found, signed, and done, I got back on the road again.  Still going south, I eventually arrived in…

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