176. Clarksville, Red River County

It was a little difficult to get this photo, what with all the trees and such.  I think this was the only angle to get something approximating the front.  Again, I make my plea to future generations: when planting trees near buildings, think of the photos that will one day be taken… </sarcasm>

The monument game here was quite weak and the cache wasn’t that much more exciting.  It was a pill bottle on the roots of a tree on the side of a creek.  It was fairly steep, but I don’t think it was steep enough to justify its terrain rating.  That said, I’m from a cache rich environment and my perceptions may be a bit skewed.  Usually a D3 or D4 out in the middle of nowhere would be considered a D2 or D2.5 at home.  That said, I’ve also seen supposed D1.5 micros in trees out on the road that would rate much higher around my parts.  As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.  And vary it would do some more as I went on down the road to…

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