189. Zapata, Zapata County

The sun was getting low and the clouds were looking heavy as I rolled into town. As I pulled up to the courthouse, it made for a great backdrop to photograph against. I like this courthouse. It’s a combination of modern and stylish that I don’t think you see. Modern courthouses tend to be almost brutishly utilitarian. older, more stylish ones, for all their charms, do tend to be outdated and not well suited to the needs of today. Of course, newer courthouses mean fewer monuments which is both good and bad. In this case it was more good because it means I spent less time in the rain when it started. Not that it really mattered, though. My old friend was on hand this time…

The sun was almost gone as I went to get the cache. There was just enough light left to get this shot, but that was it. My journey for the night would soon be over. I grabbed the cache, a magnetic micro attached to a nearby sign. My geosenses took me right to it with no muss or fuss. I did all the necessaries and then got back in the car. Usually when I have done the last one of the day and the sun is going down, I go ahead and head to the next destination so I can start there bright and early the next day. I got moving on down the road so I could meet day break in…

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