211. Woodville, Tyler County

Coming down from my last stop took quite a while. Adrenaline can be one heck of a pick-me-up. I was still a little on edge as I walked these grounds. Luckily, they were quiet and sedate. A small courthouse in a tiny town.

But eventually the blood stills, the fingers cease to quake, the mind slows its racing and returns to the normal speed of thought. The quiet returns and the peace of the small town washes over all. And yet, beyond the wall that shuts out the darkness, lurks the knowledge that what happened in the town from which I had just come could just as easily have happened here or in a great number of other towns. The name of Woodville could just as easily have echoed in my ears as anywhere else. But I didn’t have to remain. I had something to accomplish.

There’s always a cemetery. There were two things about this find that caught my attention. One was that the cache was hidden in the creases and leaves of a palm tree of some kind. The other was this:

Do you see?

Do you?

You notice the stones? Why does this man have two stones? I assume that the first was bought by the family and the second was provided by the military. Of course, I’m not entirely certain and I’m hardly going to bug the Messick family for an answer. Even if I did, at this point, there’s no guarantee that there’s anyone who even remembers for sure after almost 40 years. No matter. There are more places yet to go today. The day is not yet over.

That said, if my math is correct, this is entry #300. For the third time, I find myself thanking you all for coming with me on my journeys. Before I never thought I’d get this far. Now, I not only knew I would, but am greatly looking forward to reaching #400. Of course, I should long be done with Texas by that point, but I’m sure there will be something to talk/write about. But the first step toward #400 is to continue down the road and reach…

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