The Turkeys Will Have Their Day

Thanksgiving is upon us! This is the time when we all travel to our families and ancestral homes to feast upon the fowl or ham or turducken (or Chinese food if that is how you roll). No doubt you will cache your way there as well. If you’re traveling, you might as well, both for the enjoyment and for the rest it provides from driving. I myself will be engaged in my traditional pie making with my daughters (my apple pie is legendary according to them).

My point here (and I do have one) is that you should have a good time with your families and a good time caching this weekend. I hope you all fill up on whatever food fits within your dietary restrictions. I hope your caches as as clever as you want them to be. I hope laughter surrounds you from friends and loved ones. And I will see you all Monday because I’m going to be doing all that with mine.

Feast well wherever you are!

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