Planning For The Near Future

No photo here today because my last few caches haven’t been that interesting or photo worthy. And as a sidenote, for a person who follows and monitors stats, I’m a bit amazed that I didn’t notice that Wednesday, as I was committing misdemeanor trespassing, I was also claiming my 550th straight day of caching. Go me.

Monday I’m going to have an entry. It is going to be one of two things. Unfortunately I don’t know which one. It will either be the continuation of something smaller or the continuation of the big show. Unfortunately, I don’t know which one and won’t until tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to plan around schedules and holidays and children and all that. Either way, the Project is going to have to continue into the new year, which makes me sad. I had hoped to have it done before the end of this year so I could start 2020 fresh and new. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of our caching sometimes, doesn’t it? When you have time you don’t always have money and when you have money you don’t always have time. And sometimes events, both good and bad, will block off one or the other depending on the situation. I’m shooting to be done by the end of January come heck or high water. A little part of me is reticent to speak my plans aloud because whenever I do something goes wrong. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with stating them aloud to give myself a goal to keep myself to. A plan is just a list of things that can go wrong, but at the same time, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Both ideas are both correct and wrong. Wisdom is helpful, but I’m not the person for bon mots.

But I digress (because that’s what I do). Watch this space. We’ll see what Monday brings…

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