264. Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish (LA10)

Time and necessity chose this parish. After turning away from the northeast for possible tornado reasons, I decided to head in the direction of where I intended on stopping for the night. I might have been able to call an audible and head to another parish, but for some reason I felt incredibly drained. As a result, I decided that night driving might not be the way to go, especially considering some of the crazy back roads I’ve been on today. I’ve driven Texas county roads at night, but Louisiana ones are…different. I had to pass through here to get to my lodging for the night so this was as good a place as any to stop, especially since I would have to be back here anyway. Again, there wasn’t much room for monuments. Or so I thought…

Turns out there was a little war memorial in a pocket between buildings right next to the courthouse. This might be a nice little nook to have a cool, refreshing drink, or lunch or something similar. If I wasn’t rolling at a pace, I might have done that. But, of course, there was work to do around these parts.

This little riparian parkside was actually probably somebody’s driveway. As you can tell, however, there was more than enough room to park without inconveniencing the owner. Over closer to the bridge was a series of electrical boxes that controlled night lamps and therein was to be found a flat electrical plate. I pulled it and did the needful, then took a moment to watch the river lazily pass by. Maybe not all of Louisiana’s water was annoying. Soon enough I was off again to head for my night accommodations, and I would get going again, starting my day in…

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