277. Many, Sabine Parish (LA22)

Alright, this one was much tinier than the last! another postage stamp in another tiny town. Sometimes it really amazes me how this most important local location can be so devoid of existence. Granted, I’m usually at these places on weekends when nobody is about, but you can tell. That, and I’ve been to enough of them on weekdays to have seen it with my own eyes.

Since there was nothing to photograph on the courthouse grounds, my younger daughter had me photograph this statue in the yard of the house next door. I don’t usually go for the artsy thing, but I figured I didn’t want to photograph some random person’s house so I accidentally made something maybe interestingly composed? Probably not, but I never claimed to be a photographer! Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and headed for a nearby cache, which made me chuckle! I found a Boite Rouge!

Not that one… This one!

Why did I chuckle? Because there is a local cacher with a series of these called Caja Roja…

…(no, not that one [again with the sweets]!) that are all over town and the region. And the cache owner knows her so he placed his own version out here in the wilds of the old French empire! I saw its logs had so many DNFs because this isn’t a well known form of hide out here, but I knew exactly where it would be because these are some of the earliest ones I’ve ever found. My point here (and I do have one) is that regional hides are a thing and never have I really thought too much about it before now. I walked up to it with handy clipboard and began to “inspect” the machine. After a moment I reached to the appropriate place and guess what I found? It was signed and returned in two shakes of a lambs tail and we were soon going down the road again, this time arriving in…

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