285. Tallulah, Madison Parish (LA30)

Oh, my… Look at you, my lovely… Isn’t she stunning in white? And she’s got room to breathe, too. She even had a few monuments to keep her company…

…though, again, nothing truly impressive. But there was what there was so I do not denigrate it.

Of course, I needed to get a cache. The town doesn’t have many caches in it so, in this case, the CO wanted to do something about it. They put an ammo can deep inside a tree. As cars drove past, I dipped in and grabbed it. As always, I’m tickled by the fact that we live in a world that others don’t have access to. How many people would have driven past this tree and never imagined this box was here? How many were doing it while I was there? Funny, but beside the point. I signed it and left a trackable for the next of us to come, before replacing it and heading back to the car. I had a new destination to reach, but another one was calling to me. I said to myself that I wasn’t going to do it, I would stick to the plan and not deviate. But that bridge beckoned. I was running ahead of schedule because I had been good and focused. And when was I going to be back there again? I deserved to take a little deviation, didn’t I? I, my friends, am a weak man. I drove down a road I probably shouldn’t have and came to the bridge that called to me. I was in for a penny and, therefore, in for a pound. I crossed the bridge and arrived in…

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