293. Opelousas, Saint Landry Parish (LA37)

I was still stuffing chicken cracklins in my face when I got here. A glorious example of art deco, I wish the place had been open. I don’t usually feel a need to go inside (though, if I was doing this full time, I probably would spend some time photographing interiors at some locations), but I’ve seen some interior shots of this building, and they’re lovely. I would totally enjoy that circular staircase. As a sidenote, I look forward to seeing some of the courtrooms of the East Coast, ancient and storied, but that’s so far away from my thinking right now it might as well be a fantasy. That said, if you had told me a year ago that I’d be driving around Louisiana like this, I would have said you were mad.

For the first time in a while we’ve got a well decorated set of grounds. It’s not entirely perfect, though. The roofed memorial to the Armed Forces has loudspeakers that play Sousa and various other patriotic tunes all the time. Now, I love Sousa just as much if not more than the next guy (no, seriously, Under The Double Eagle and The Jack Tar March are, among other things, my proverbial jams), but broadcasting him constantly would totally get grating. If I worked here or on the square, I could totally imagine getting stabby. But, as the anthem once said, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have a net positive opinion on these grounds and a mark in its favor.

If only the cache could receive such kudos. I’m seriously considering changing my geocaching motto from “There’s always a cemetery” to “There’s always a Wally-World.” A simple LPC was enough to fulfill my needs here. I got back to moving again, soon to set my feet down in…

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