296. Placquemine, Iberville Parish (LA40)

Remember all that stuff I was saying a couple of days ago about handsome courthouses? Well… Not everywhere is going to win that one. This is especially tragic in this case because it’s right around the corner from the previous courthouse…

…which now serves as City Hall. I understand the need for innovation and progress, but sometimes it feels like a step backward, especially when architecture is concerned, doubly especially when the 1970’s are concerned. It was all near the…war memorial? I offer the questionable assessment because, well, I have so many questions…

The statues are supposed to be multi-racial? Why is there a mother with a child here? Why the heck is that helicopter mounted atop a giant “C”? Is the “C” for “confusion”? Because I feel that’s what was created in me walking around this thing? Perhaps it’s for “committee,” because no single person’s vision resulted in this. Perhaps I’m just being somewhat salty because I had to endure one of the onsite portable toilets that had not been serviced in weeks and, especially in the heat of the day, smelled like it? A great combination of things led me to this state, but eventually I decided to cast aside my confusion and do what I came here to do.

At a nearby lock (the canal type, not the security type) I found a keybox (yes, I note the irony) attached to a big green chiller. Well, it’s not actually a chiller. I guess it’s some kind of electrical equipment maybe, but maybe not? My point here (other than the fact that I need to read up on common industrial machinery) is that it was there and I found and signed the thing in the thing that was magnetically attached to it. And with that I was off again, continuing westward, arriving in…

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