311. Santa Fe, Santa Fe County (NM11)

If you had asked me to imagine what the courthouse here would look like, I think I would have imagined something like this. This, however, is a special and strange case. There are a few strange cases when it comes to courthouses, some I’ve thought about (there are counties that have no county seat) and others that I’m still considering (there are counties that have no county government and are run by their most important town/city). In general, the county clerk’s office is at the county courthouse. Here, the clerk has a building, but there doesn’t seem to be an actual courthouse. There’s an old courthouse, but that’s not what I need, now is it? As far as I’ve been able to determine, with the Intertubes and no personal local knowledge, this building is the center of county government. If it turns out that I am incorrect, I will come back and correct the problem. For now, this is what I’m going with and this is the closest thing I could determine to be the front.

Just around the corner, however, was the goodest boy. Were I less concerned with time I would have sat and swung in his shadow. There was also something that I didn’t end up doing. Seeing that Santa Fe is the capital and all, one would think I might have gone by there and gotten a look at it. I didn’t, though. Quite honestly, while capitol buildings are nice, they’re not exactly my raison d’etre. If I pass back through, I’ll probably catch it, too, but for now it’ll have to wait. There’s a bonus cache for an adventure lab series and a couple of virtuals in the vicinity so maybe one day I’ll come back and “cache Santa Fe”?

Speaking of dogs, I came over here to do my business. Yes, that’s a joke because dogs poop here. Truly I’m the comedian of the age… The cache itself was boring, a pill bottle in a bush, but it too, like Clovis, was also an FTF so that’s two out of state in as many days. I’ll take it! There was also a virtual here that I decided to grab since I was in the area but it was a little sadder…

Down at the bottom of this hill, from 1942 until 1946, there was a Japanese internment camp. Thousands of people from Hawaii and California were brought here to wait out WWII because of their questionable loyalty. No doubt I could make a few parallels with current events from the internment of immigrants to the questioning the loyalty of protesters. At the moment, though, I’ll just enjoy the view and wonder if there’s a housing department that mandates and regulates housing out here. Because everything is stucco and the entire town looks like a cliche version of every movie or TV show I’ve ever seen about the Southwest or New Mexico. But credit where credit is due, it sure is a pretty cliche. But I spent enough time here. I was soon moving again, descending downward upon the day. The morning air was cool, the road yielding, and soon enough I found myself in…

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