332. Hope, Hempstead County (AR15)

I wholeheartedly approve of this courthouse. It’s not WPA, but it does a great job of mimicking that style. And the detail work around the door?

If there was ever a time to remember the importance of labor, it’s in this day and age.

This monument on the grounds is dedicated to Brigadier General Herbert Jack Lloyd, native son of Hope. He seems like a bot of a character, though the religious overtones of a lot of his ideology leaves me a bit cold. While warfare is inherently political, I find mixing religion into it to be a bit…distasteful. That said, everyone must honor their own anodyne. If that got him through it all, more power to him.

More importantly (for my purposes, at least), he is buried here in in Rose Hill Cemetery, the location of the cache. Lloyd is hardly the most famous inhabitant of the cemetery. Pretty much the entire maternal half of some Clinton family is interred here. I hear they did something in politics, but I’m a bit fuzzy on the details. But I wasn’t here for any of them, either.

I came for the grave of Paul Klipsch of speaker and sound engineering fame. In a nearby tree I found it waiting for me. As a minor complication, the CO is apparently very specific about wanting stories and longer logs for finds of his caches and reserves the right to delete them whenever he feels they are not up to snuff. This would, as you can imagine, be incredibly annoying since I’ve had this happen before, and I wasn’t sure when I’d be back here (which actually isn’t as big a concern as I thought because it’s not that far from where the Girls live and I have to pass through here to get to a number of other places anyway). So I acted like an adult and reached out to them. I mentioned that I write some stuff and I would happily write a fairly extensive and detailed thing about the cache, the location, and my hunt there for. And the CO was cool with waiting for me to write about it the old fashioned way so HEY! The Rascals! This one is for you!

And with that I started heading back home to the sacred borders of Texas. I hit a Buc-ee’s while I was rolling and grabbed a cache devoted to the death of the geovehicle of Messr. G. Slinkard, geocacher of some renown. It started me thinking about hitting every Buc-ee’s, but that’s a side thought. The drive was a long slog and I eventually made it home. The rest I had was earned. And for a few weeks, I would enjoy that rest. But the urge is strong and can only be resisted for so long. And when time and opportunity presented, I was on the road again. I had unfinished business in the West so I headed for the sunset until I arrived in…

3 thoughts on “332. Hope, Hempstead County (AR15)

  1. They really can’t delete those logs. You could appeal to geocaching HQ. Unless there’s profanity in it they’ll reinstate the log. I’ve had that happen and appealed it. Of course, that also doesn’t earn you any happiness with the cache owner. Usually I try to do what they ask, but some people want prose that I am just not capable of.


    1. I’m pretty sure you’re right. It does get into an interesting thing that I’ve never written about, though… Why do people make the logs they make? For instance, all my logs are some variation of “Atreides was here!” That said, I know a local cacher who writes a poem for each log and has been doing that since long before I started caching. “TFTC” is common enough I don’t think about it, but nothing annoys me more than someone writes “Easy Find,” especially when it wasn’t meant to be difficult in the first place. Is asking for a longer entry much different than asking for a photo with a date or GPS to prove you were somewhere at a certain time? And is that a specious argument since photos are no longer required by GS? And what about Liar’s Caches? I could probably write an entire entry on this if I gave it more than ten minutes thought. But that smacks of effort. 😛 I’ve got too many places to write about…

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      1. I know someone who is around 18 months behind in logging simply because they write such detailed logs that are like a story. I’ve gotten flack for writing too much, flack for writing too little; I just write what I want now and try to make it more than a cut and paste log.


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