362. Cimarron, Gray County (KS003)

Wasn’t I just in Gray County? Again, another handsome courthouse. Classically elegant, if I do say so myself. But again, much like Dodge City, I expected something else. This is The West! There are literally western movies about this town!

So, remember the Santa Fe Geotour? The one back in New Mexico? Guess what? It goes all the way to Missouri through Kansas so I found another one. Once again I have gotten one step closer to completing the tour! Admittedly, there are 75 caches in the series so I’m not going to finish it this week, but I guess it’s something to work on. It’s not like I’m not coming back to Kansas (I hope). So I claimed my victory, offered my water to the state, and then continued on down the road. My quarters for the night were awaiting me in…

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