389. Idabel, McCurtain County (OK21)

As we pulled up to the courthouse, my youngest asked “Is this a courthouse? I thought it was a school!” I think that kind of says everything about what I think about this courthouse. Of course, for those of you who might prefer the more festive version of the courthouse…

This is not my first time in this county. The last time I was here, I managed to grab the southernmost cache in all of Oklahoma completely by accident. I know people will go after oldest caches or highest caches, but does anyone focus on the cardinal extremes? The southern-, northern-, eastern-, and western-most caches? I’ve never heard of it, but there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophies so who knows? What I do know, though is that we’re here for a reason and, after a bathroom and ice cream break, I went to get a cache.

The cache was a magnetic key box at this little fountain park. The cache page warns that there might be a lot of muggles and jeez were they not wrong! There was some kind of street fair going on here and they were swarming like large, slow moving flies that are relegated to walking on terra firma. Oddly enough, that probably made it easier for me to make the grab. The great thing about being surrounded by muggles is that nobody really cares what an individual is doing if it doesn’t affect them. There are just too many muggles to track doing different things, going different directions. I walked up to it; took a seat; grabbed, signed, and returned it; and wandered back off to the car and my phone/tablet captivated children. With that, we began the trip back to Longview. They had to go home eventually and we had had our shenanigans and seen something interesting. I had to go back to Austin myself. The four hour drive, while being nothing to me with all the driving I’ve done by this point, was still going to have to be done. But a few weeks later I’d be going on another drive, this time to…

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