This Year Ends

Soon this year will be over. As of this writing, I have been caching for 932 days and I’m am on day 929 of a streak. This year I have made 2 hides and found 838 caches, including 45 first to finds, hundreds of trackables, caches in 173 new counties in 14 U.S. states, resulting in the completion of New Mexico, and traveling more miles than I care to count at this point. And completing the Texas County Challenge didn’t suck, either.

On one hand, I am glad that this year is finally over. It has been a societal nightmare that I suspect we shall remain scarred by for many years to come. On a personal level, this had been the first year in a long time I felt secure enough to make longer term travel plans for the year and all those got completely and utterly scrapped. It was incredibly disappointing. On the other hand, I more than likely did more traveling than I had originally planned as a result. This has been incredibly fulfilling. Add to all that joining the board of the TXGA and being interviewed by the Mothership itself, and I have to admit that, from a geocaching perspective, this has been a stellar year. I don’t know how next year can even approach all that, but let’s try and find out, shall we?

I hope you all have a good ending to your year. I hope you’re all toasting the good times with people you care about tonight (in a safe and socially distanced manner, of course). I hope your final caches of the year are as much fun as the first. I’ll try to do the same. Good luck and, as hoary as the joke is, I’ll write again next year!

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