446. Chandler, Lincoln County (OK40)

This courthouse is decidedly and disappointingly meh. A bit of a shame really because the town itself is actually quite picturesque in its own little way. Very small town America. Dare I say that the courthouse is, in fact, the most obtrusive thing about the square?

But that’s neither here nor there, I guess. I did note, however that the road in and the road out was our own old friend Route 66! And, in a slightly funny, ironic twist, the road throughout the state has the official designation of Oklahoma Route 66! How completely and fascinatingly random? Ok, it’s actually kind of silly and dumb, but it makes me chuckle so who cares if it doesn’t matter to anyone else but me? I sure don’t.

I picked up the cache on the way to Chandler in the nearby town of Meeker, a water bottle stuck in a railroad tie underneath a large sign. I bet that big old piece of metal would sell for a small fortune at the right, appropriately rustic antique shop. Etsy, here I come? Not likely. Besides, I was focused on cruising down Route 66, making my way to…

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