503. Dighton, Lane County (KS025)

I have to admit that, in certain ways, I’d been quite lucky this trip. It had been raining a lot all the time I would be driving, but it always seemed to settle down and get pretty sedate by the time I had to stop and get out of the car. I hadn’t had to go around in the way or even really use my long traveled umbrella. For that, I was somewhat thankful. I got to walk around the courthouse in relative dryness. It’s obviously not WPA as I have actually learned when the WPA was actually operating. That said, I’m liking this. This courthouse is a good and sturdy example of 1930 (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme, but it happens some of the time).

Also may I note the crazy dove fountain. It’s called something like “The Spirit of Peace” or something like that. I don’t know what’s up with that or who made it, but it didn’t strike me as all that peaceful. It struck me as something a little more sinister, some kind of Hitchcockian thing given bronze-ish form.

The cache was a jar hidden in some bark. At first, I didn’t want to mess with it because my luck had run out and it started raining. I had to pull out my trusty old friend who, as always, didn’t let me down. After a burst, the rain calmed and noticed, thanks to Mingo Madness, a little geo-trail leading to it. Like some sort of Iroquois tracker, I followed the flattened grass and soon enough Robert was my mother’s brother. I did my duty, signing and returning it, and then quickly returned to back to the interior of a warm car, slightly damp but none the worse for wear. I drove down off of the roadside hill and raced towards…

One thought on “503. Dighton, Lane County (KS025)

  1. I like the court house. It’s nice and the color of the stone gives it character.
    Fountain? it’s OK. Nice reading you Blog!!


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