531. La Junta, Otero County (CO05)

NO. Just plain NO. I would have sworn that this was some terrible decision made in the 1970’s, but the cornerstone proved me very wrong. It’s amazing how foresighted these folks were in their architectural terribleness in 1958.

I could have gone for another Santa Fe Geotrail cache, but I opted for the closest cache about a block and a half away. As you can see, it was a lowly and ubiquitous film canister. What was so special about that? Well, considering the cache was called “Another Brick In The Wall, Kinda” It was behind one of those bricks you see in the background wall. Luckily, the person who found it previously didn’t put it back all the way so I was able to find it pretty easily under the circumstances. I’m not going to lie to you though… Had it been put back correctly, it would have taken a while to find and been really annoying. But a cache is a cache is a cache and that’s good enough for me. One more county down. Not exciting or amazing, but not every cache can be. Besides, there’s always the next county and that was my target as I left La Junta in my rear view mirror, intent on arriving in…

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