534. Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne County (CO08)

This is a suitably attractive courthouse, no? As I began my photography, a woman passing by yelled at me from the middle of the street about my parking. At first, I thought she was messing with me. Turned out that the stripes I had parked between were actually cracks in the street and the actual parking stripes were far lighter than the repair marks. Oops! My bad! Boy, did I feel dumb. Of course, the town was so small that even with me partially blocking a main street in town there was no discernable difference. No car other than that of the shouting woman even passed me. My record as a scofflaw had been maintained!

The cache was at a marker sign for an unincorporated town. Supposedly, it’s the first place anyone (traveling west) ever saw Pikes Peak from, hence the name. It is said that on a clear day you still can, but, as nice a day as it was I couldn’t. From the cache description, it was obviously meant to be seen, but I ended up finding it somewhere it had to be felt. The feeling and the not seeing didn’t matter. I came out here for a cache, and a cache is a cache is a cache. With this complete, the road continued on before me. This time I took a westward turn, determined to find my way to…

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