539. Imperial, Chase County (NE03)

This courthouse is really, really angular. So much so that I had me thinking about the angles and curves of most courthouses, which is funny because courthouses are not exactly renowned for their round and circular natures. And yet this one, with its peaks and hard edges, felt like it might accidentally cut me if I got too close. I also have to admit that I’m not a big fan of the crosses built into it. Sure, they’re subtle, but I’m a big believer in the separation of church and state. That said, I don’t live here so it’s not my place to say. But I can shake my head disapprovingly and write about it mercilessly in my blog!

Chase County was pretty cache poor so I crossed my fingers and went to grab the only cache in town, outside the town library. The originally cache owner passed away so this one was maintained as a tribute to her, a cute little purple butterfly bison. I sure was glad this was here. There were only four other caches in the county and I didn’t exactly look forward to dragging all over the place to get one of them. I was a bit squirrelly, worried that I would be making suspicious movements under the eye of a nearby deputy. A closer look revealed that it was just a cruiser parked at a mechanic’s shop. This was a small enough county that I guess they couldn’t be expected to maintain their own motor pool. Relieved, I did what I came to do, logging and claiming the cache before continuing on to…

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