559. Breckenridge, Summit County (CO27)

Yes, that Breckenridge! Ski bums unite? Well, OK, they’re going to have money probably so maybe not “bums”, but you get the idea. To be fair, I don’t think I saw very much of the real Breckenridge. What little I saw seemed geared towards the visiting ski tourists, a weird, artificial quaintness which I found a bit distasteful, quite unlike Raton. Accordingly, I thought the courthouse would be some kind of modern cookie-cutter type thing. As you can see, I was quite wrong. Solid, built in 1909, it’s earnest in a place that caters to transience. The tower especially caught my eye, a classic feature for a town that is anything but.

After all the time I had to burn on the way here, it was nice to run across an actual park and grab. This one was in a tree outside of a brewery, part of a microbrewery tour of the area. Simple, with a minimum of muss and even less fuss. This was welcome because I needed to move on ASAP. The next county was both to be my final county of and the second primary goal of the quickly shortening day. I was hoping to still have daylight as I chased my quarry in…

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