596. Platte City, Platte County (MO006)

The courthouse was OK, I guess.  It was nothing special, but I will give kudos to the extensions built onto the back that blended in so well.  Other than that, it was nothing to write home about.  It was possible that I was getting to the point where I was getting tired and jaded.  I hadn’t slept since I left Austin about 24 hours before.  My first day I do tend to roll hard and burn bright or some other metaphor that fits the bill. 

As for the cache, I ran into an interesting conundrum.  It was hidden on an artillery piece in a nearby park.  I searched and searched until I found a log in a baggie shoved in a hole.  People had been logging the cache here for years, the latest being a couple of days before, but the log I found had no signatures after 2014.  It was a cache log though, signed by many hands.  While I am occasionally annoyed when someone finds a cache and doesn’t sign it, I have trouble believing that nobody who has logged this cache has signed it since then.  To be honest, I think I found an old log or possibly even a previous cache.  While I’m not entirely sure, what I do know is that I found a cache at the GZ where it was supposed to be.  So you know what?  I signed it and logged it as found.  There are some who might think that I might not have found the actual cache, but I know I signed a log there.  If there is a huge uproar about unsportsmanlike behavior, then I’ll go back sometime and grab another one to legitimize the county (I’ll certainly be back up in the area again), but I think I put in a good faith effort and did what I was supposed to do.  And, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll lose a lot of sleep over this one.  I haven’t yet.  The log signed and returned to its nook, I set off once again.  I had a specific destination I wanted to reach before the sun went down, but before I would make it there, I had to pass through…

6 thoughts on “596. Platte City, Platte County (MO006)

  1. I’ve had that happen where I find a cache and the signatures don’t match the logs. One had 5-6 finders where I knew the people and they weren’t cheaters. I think sometimes a cache is replaced when the owner can’t find it or a throwdown is there and people just sign that.


    1. The only time I remember knowingly taking a throwdown was in Piedras Negras. I mean, to cross over into Mexico and the cache is missing? I knew the guy a couple finds before me had done and I took it and didn’t look back. I’m pretty sure every geocaching sin there is I have committed at least once…

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