611. Lawrence, Douglas County (KS064)

Good form, Lawrence! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me! Not only do you have a chonker (as the kids say) of a courthouse here, but the grounds are also lovely, cool and inviting. There’s an ice cream place across the street (right behind the camera) that caught my eye, and you have no idea how much I wanted to go grab some of their handmade wares. The last thing I should do when I’m out on the road is snack all the time. I already do that a little bit with carne seca (basically beef jerky) whenever I can, but with sweets? I’m spend lots of time sitting on my butt driving already. I don’t need to add extra calories to that at all. I soon started deliberating over which cache I should get. Perhaps the virtual at the University of Kansas basketball stadium? How about one of the Santa Fe Geotrail caches that I picked up in New Mexico and Colorado? In the midst of my deliberations, the answer smacked me in the face.

There was a cache at the end of the block behind and across from the courthouse.  On this big piece of art, constructed of iron and other interesting bits welded on, there was a little magnetized box.  I did the necessary with the log and returned it triumphantly.  Why was this better than the others?  Well, it was close and easy to get, but more importantly, it was named for the street it was on.  Remember that I’m working a challenge to find caches with state names?  Well, Rhode Island has quite unexpectedly been added to my list!  That accomplished, I proceeded to slip away to what was originally going to be my final destination of the day…

…but first, an announcement. Well, maybe not an “announcement”, but something to say. Entry #800? This is it. Eight HUNDRED. I’m still having a little trouble mentally processing that. I see the number, and I knew it was going to happen at some point both because I remember writing entry #700 and also, you know, math, and yet I’m still gobsmacked that it is here, it has happened, and that you are here with me to see it. At this point, it’s almost becoming routine, but I have to thank you all for following my adventures and putting up with my typos. It means a lot to me.

But enough of this sappy crap. As I was saying, I was heading to my original final destination of the day…

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