629. Conway, Faulkner County (AR48)

I’m about 85% sure (within two standard deviations) that this is the front of the courthouse.  It has an annex sticking off to the side that’s weirdly positioned, but having monuments out front allays some of my uncertainty on that front.  Questions aside, it’s an attractive building and I don’t dislike it, though I admit I’m not especially enthused by it, either.  The town seems a little hip, though.  There were a bunch of breweries and hipster storefronts along the streets leading here.  All I was sure of was that, thanks to the time change, it was 2AM for the second time and I could tell the stragglers were leaving the bars from their extra hour of drinking.  I like to think I put my fall returned extra hour to good use.  I also submit that this was the easiest county of the trip, easier even than Morrilton I had just departed.

Turns out there was a cache right here at the courthouse grounds, waiting for me under a flagpole skirt.  What is it about flagpole skirts that that draw and retain water so much?  I have a flagpole skirt cache and it’s always full of water no matter what time of year it is.  This one wasn’t even further sunken around the pole, but it was still super damp.  Anyway, I did what was necessary here and then I set off again, careful to avoid the stragglers, and soon set foot in…

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