724. Lyons, Rice County (KS102)

Now, this is the kind of courthouse that Kansas has gotten me used to seeing. As I stepped out of the car, the sound of low music piping from speakers situated around the grounds slipped into my ears. It began dawning on me that I needed to be a little more careful around courthouses from this point on. It was now Monday, no longer the weekend, and people would be coming to work soon. I beat the rush this time and was lucky enough to find two Virtuals on the grounds. Since I was already there, I decided to grab both of them.

One of them was at a sculpture by a well-known artist. I was a little surprised because I had seen pictures of it before.  I originally thought the artist was local, but they instead resided in two cities I have been to in my travels, but will not divulge.  I’d normally talk a little more about the artist and the piece, but those are integral parts of claiming it, and I’m not going to abet armchair caching (at least not intentionally, anyway).  Suffice it to say that you may have owned another piece of their art before and just didn’t know it.  The other Virtual (not pictured) was at an eternal flame sitting between a war memorial and a time capsule.  If I were of a more philosophical bent, I would probably say something about being between the past and the future or some kind of crap like that.  With all my answers acquired, I did my logging in the warmth of the car as I watched the first employee arrive at and enter the courthouse.  It was time to move.  There was little left to do before the long slog home began, so I continued doing it when I arrived in…

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