726. Hutchinson, Reno County (KS104)

Another beautiful example of a courthouse! Even through the scaffolding, you can tell! Unfortunately, what you can’t see from this vantage is the small gold dome on the top that can be seen from quite a distance. It’s a lovely capstone on a lovely building. You can also tell that she needs some maintenance, and, as always, I’m happy to see a courthouse getting the upkeep it needs and deserves.

When I looked at the map as I was headed into town, one cache stood head and shoulders above the rest. It was a trackable hotel with an order of magnitude more favorites than any other in the county. It wasn’t far out of my way, so I decided I had to check it out. I came to a private residence on the outskirts of town and pulled into the driveway.

What the heck was that?   I examined it for a bit, then pulled the cotter pin to lower the mailbox on top.  Another quick search found the key to the lock, so behold what lay inside!  Sidenote: I thought the wasp was part of the decoration, but no, it was quite real, its senses no doubt dulled by the morning cold, but that wasn’t important at the moment.  I did some signing and then switched out a bunch of trackables for new ones before returning the entire production to its former state.  Yes, this one earned one of my stingily hoarded favorite points.  I consider myself a bit of a jaded dude, but this was one heck of a cache.  After my encounter with the courthouse, I was ready to rock and also roll again.  All my weekend’s driving and a year and a half of trips would meet their ultimate fruition in…

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