732. Coupeville, Island County (WA05)

That’s a nice courthouse! Totally Art Deco with almost a stucco look to it. The brick makes for some nice accents, too. Strangely enough, it was difficult to find a place to park to get this because there was a local music festival starting nearby. Nothing on the scale of SXSW, mind you, but enough of a thing to complicate matters a little bit.

The cache was a little easier.  I dropped my traveling buddy, Buckandi, off at a ferry.  He had already done the counties in this part of the state, so I was going to do those while he did other things.  Not far from the dock was the entrance to Fort Casey State Park.  Behind the main gate was a simple Lock-n-Lock.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  I signed the log and then took a moment while I was obscured to offer my water to the county and head off to the courthouse. 

Once the cache and courthouse were complete, I drove north, traversing the scenic vistas of Whidbey Island for a second time. I normally try to avoid ferries because, the way I travel, they’re usually like mid-level video game villains, slowing me down from my ultimate goal. In the Pacific Northwest, however, they’re more like end bosses. Louisiana had ferries in places, and they were annoying, but they were small and quick—nothing like these. But in this case, I had no other choice. I parked in Anacortes after spending forever just looking for a parking space and then finding one that required its own hike from the parking lot to the port. Once I arrived, though, I bought my ticket for the ferry to…

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