735. Port Angeles, Clallam County (WA08)

Good form, Port Angeles! This is more like what I want to see from a courthouse! I bet you’re even prettier during the day, all brick and whitewash. Once again, I shook my fist at the ferry that both had and had not brought me to this. There was no time to dawdle. The hour was late, and I knew I would be waning soon, considering I had not really been prepared for a drive around Puget Sound.

Here, there was no question of whether the cache was large enough.  The Chamber of Commerce in the nearby town of Sequim was kind enough to host a trackable hotel for everyone.  I always appreciate an ammo can, whether or not it’s contained in a mailbox.  And no, this is hardly a spoiler, so don’t worry about that.  I signed the log and once again hurled myself into the night to reach my final destination…

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