Fight Muggles With Muggles!

A couple of days ago, I went and grabbed a cache at the Elisabet Ney Museum. You should make a visit there sometime if you like sculpture or architecture. The find was a bit bittersweet because I had planned to place a cache there myself. I had been in talks with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the museum’s caretakers, to put a cache inside. The interior tower would have been a great place to place a book cache or an actual container. Unfortunately, a global pandemic happened, and, like so many things, it got derailed. The cache that ended up there is good enough and art themed, but that’s not why I was a bit salty about it.

When I got there, some muggles were sitting nearby, chatting and drawing. I knew the cache had to be in one of two trees, but I didn’t feel like searching while they were sitting so closely. I decided to grab some dinner instead at a nearby restaurant. I ended up getting dinner at a different restaurant next door because I was curious about what had replaced the ice cream shop that I didn’t know had closed down, but that’s besides the point. Once I had eaten and returned to the cache forty-five minutes later, the muggles were still there! They literally hadn’t moved! C’mon, folks! You’re killing me here! I decided to wait them out, so I grabbed a spot and waited. After twenty more minutes, I realized that they still hadn’t moved an inch, and the sun was starting to go down. I was within fifty feet of it! When were they going to let me get it?

My chance came when some random guy walking up the street decided to come up and talk to them. While he was rambling on about some … thing and they were humoring him, I swept in. They gabbed as I felt up a tree long enough to know that it was the wrong tree. I somehow slipped in closer to the annoying conversation—within 15 feet of it—without being noticed. I found and snagged the cache from the split of the other tree’s trunk, slipping away to sign the log. The never-ending babbling even covered my replacement of it to its resting place. As I walked away and the sun set, I remembered that there’s nothing wrong with fighting muggles with muggles! They make for a great distraction!

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