Reason and Purpose


Pretty big question, right?  It goes to the thing behind the thing or something like that.  I’m sure I could pull out some Socrates or Camus or Scott McCloud or some kind of crap like that, but, really, what does that matter?  I tell you what: pretend I said something profound here.

So, why this?  What is the point of writing all this?  On a certain level, I like the idea of documenting this.  The traveling and the locations seem of some note that I like the idea of preserving bits of them for whomever might find it interesting.  On a more concrete level, this is serving the purpose of documenting a challenge I have chosen to undertake.  You see, some geocaches are entirely literally a case of go to a place and find a cache.  Some caches (mystery caches, specifically) are Challenges.  Things like “find a certain number of a type of cache” or “get at least one cache a day for a certain length of time”.  Stuff like that.  I’m working on several such challenges at the moment.  I’m trying to get one a day for an entire year and one hundred caches hidden in cemeteries and since they overlap, I’m just working on them a bit at a time.  But those aren’t the big one…

The State of Texas has 254 counties, the most of any state in the Union.  There is a cache called the Texas County Challenge.  The goal is simple: find a cache in every one of the 254 counties in Texas.  I’ve decided to adapt it ever so slightly.  I’m going to get a cache in every county seat.  And I’m going to document my project.


So the brown counties are ones I’ve found caches and the dark ones are ones I’ve found in the county seat.  As you can see, I’ve only been to 6 counties doing this.  That said, all of those counties are lousy with caches so I might as well do them again for the sake of documentation.  My first couple of itineraries have been tentatively planned heading for Southwest Texas and in the next few weeks I hope to start telling you about beginning to beat this challenge.

2 thoughts on “Reason and Purpose

  1. Awesome! I am working on the counties too. Looking at your map, I’m a little south and closer to the coast from where you are. I have 68 counties – I’ve been caching one year. My husband, who started AFTER me has 88 counties, but he gets to travel for work. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail or at a mega event someday. I have a notebook where I have written a short note about the caches I’ve found. I wish I had the fortitude to blog like you are doing. Can’t wait to share your adventures as when I’m not caching myself, I’m obsessing about it online.


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