Well, I Actually WAS In Duval County…

Welcome to scenic San Diego. Not everything you might have imagined and certainly not across from Tijuana, but it has its own charms and allures? I wouldn’t know. This place is tiny. There are only two caches in town. One is at a local church. Problem is that at the time it was Sunday and there was an afternoon mass going on. That’s a hard NOPE from me. As a standing rule, I do not get involved with any cache at a church on a Sunday, much less when services are going on. That lead me to the other cache at the town cemetery.

Competitive burial isn’t really a thing anymore, but even though there are some Hall of Famers (Mausolus, Temujin, and Khufu, I’m looking at you guys), this here is how you win at burial in the early 20th Century in a small town. Admittedly, it was for an obviously beloved daughter so I’m sure stops were pulled out for her. On the other hand…

…this may be how you win at dying in the early 21st Century. Not only was there a clan of family buried around, there is no question that whoever this is was paterfamilias of a clan. The cache was not far from here, a magnetic nano stuck to a wooden post on barbed wire.

At this point, of course, some of you might be wondering why I seem to have completely abandoned my normal format on this entry. Well, here’s why…

The orange circle is the Duval County Courthouse. The pink circle is the town cemetery. The green line is the county line between Duval and Jim Webb counties. I learned all this the Monday after my return when I noticed I didn’t have credit for the county on my backup mapper. I did, in fact, grab a cache in the county seat like I set out to do. It just wasn’t actually in the county itself. So I have to go back. GAAAAH!!!

But that frustration would have to wait for this event’s future/reader’s past. Thinking I had this county taken care of, I got on the road to…

11 thoughts on “Well, I Actually WAS In Duval County…

  1. I’ve been using Geooh Live (for Androids) specifically because for $1.99 you can buy an add on to not only SHOW county lines, but shade them when you get a find. First photo – breathtakingly beautiful. As far as county lines go, I laugh because I share your pain.


  2. This is just further evidence to support Cachly’s legitimate claim as the greatest geocaching app of them all! County lines in app can be a lifesaver, not to mention just plain convenient.


    1. I forgot about Cachly. I don’t use it a lot, but have been using it more recently. I also don’t go out of the county much, being as it is larger than some states… So I’m downloading the California off-line map, it’s 337.2 MB, I’m not sure that my phone won’t explode with all that data! It’s a rather old phone… OK, I see the county line on the off-line map. OK, good to know, now if only I can remember…


  3. I’ve already got San Diego County, just not in that state… I can sure appreciate those sneaky county lines. I wish the Official App showed them!


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